Corporate Christmas Party


     This is a good one! I have no idea why my friend invited me to his company's Christmas Party but he did and I was in my 20's and more than just a little wild ... I didn't disappoint for this party ... 

    I'm trying to figure out what year this was, I'm thinking late 90's. I was in my early 20's and my alcohol problem was at it's peak. I was blacking out every night and acting insane and unsafe but I was cute so my guy friends at this house we called "House of Hell" (I'll get to that one) put up with my behavior. A friend, Mike I knew from hangin at house of hell had a Christmas Party coming up and asked me to go. I said yes, not a romantic thing but free booze and food ... I WAS IN! 

    I picked him up and drove us to his office where there was a GreyHound bus for transporting everyone to Boston (about 1/2 hour away). I left my car and we got on the bus. I remember jello shots being passed around (I had been drinking all day) and this is where my memory of this night begins to get a bit fuzzy. 

    I don't remember arriving to the bar the event was held at but I have a couple vague memories of smoking weed in the parking lot and dancing on a speaker at one point. Let me say this was a company of white collar decent people ... and there I was. I only remember those two things and I guess I will tell the rest of the story from my perspective....

    I have a very faint memory of waking up into a panic. I remember that I was on the bus that brought us to the party but no one was on it but the driver and I ... where the hell was everyone?????? Last thing I remembered was dancing on that speaker, no recollection of getting on this bus for the return trip. Pretty sure I said something after sitting up and scared the crap out of the driver. Not sure what happens next because my next memory is of me talking to someone in a hotel lobby. Mind you, it was the middle of the night and I was quite clearly trashed. I realized I wasn't making sense with the person I was talking to so I walked out to the street. I was looking for the bar thinking everyone would still be there.

    I was walking down the street asking everyone where the bar was and finally found it but it was CLOSED!!! Like all the way closed! Metal coverings over windows and not a soul in site! I realized it was 2AM and the bar had closed hours ago! I was completely confused, thinking the bus left without me. I flagged down a cab knowing I had no money but needed to get home. I told him the money was in my car and I needed to go to where my car was at Mikes office. When we got there my car was gone! So I told the cab driver to bring me to my home (mom and step dad's home) and money would be there. It was expensive and was definitely over $100. I was so confused and upset now thinking Mike had ditched me and stolen my car. I was knocking on my parent's door too hard which became apparent when I accidently knocked a window pane out of the door. My parents come downstairs asking WTF was I doing and I had to tell them we (they) needed to pay the cab driver and I ran in to get a phone and call Mike. (This was before cell phones

    I get Mike on the phone and start flipping out on him for stealing my car and leaving me in Boston. I had my Step-Dad bring me to House of Hell where he was living at the time to get my car and find out what happened.

    Mike tells me I was ON THE BUS on the way home. I made it to his office but he was trying not to vomit on the bus and couldn't wake me up and I guess he got distracted being sick and no one checked the seats, so that's how I ended up on that bus alone!!! 

    Could have been a bad situation but thank God I was safe. Either way, for many reasons I was NOT (at that time) a good candidate as a date for anyone's corporate Christmas party!