Today is May 19, 2022. This is the date on my fiancĂ©'s Death Certificate with the exception of the year which was 2021. I was destroyed and in complete shock a year ago losing Tommy. We were supposed to get married in July of 2021. I loved him so much and he worshipped me. Treated me better than I deserved for sure. I never thought I could trust romantic feelings again. I had been single for 12 years up until we met. I will get to Tommy story but today has been completely INSANE, UNFAIR and JUST FKN SAD! Not because it is the anniversary of losing him, it has to do with a guy I met a few months ago.

    He told me his name was D but told everyone else it was O. I was surprised when I realized he had my undivided attention. There was so much about him I really loved. He was so dedicated to his daughters. He was involved with them and their sports and needs. When he came to my house, he always acknowledged my two sons and would chat with them every time he came over.

    He left my house upset at 3AM. I just found out a couple hours ago that he passed and this happened immediately after leaving my house. This is exactly a year to the day that Tommy died. I can't wrap my head around this. I was all the way falling in love with him and felt guilty about that but I believe Tommy just wanted me happy. But WTF UNIVERSE?????????? The heartbreaking coincidence is just too much!! FU UNIVERSE!!!