This story begins in Puerto Rico during my first tropical vacation. It was my first time seeing a palm tree in real life!! My biological father, whom I had never been very close to. (Not by his fault I've learned through what my mom did to me in regards to my children. She was a very manipulative liar and my Dad and I were able to complain together about how the B!tch stole our babies! Kinda funny, kinda sad). Anyway, my Dad opened an invitation to PR during his vacation. Puerto Rico was a very special place to my Dad and you could tell when we got there by the beaming smile on his face. I had to pay my own way (my Joe Grange paid for me) but worked it out and off we went!

    It was a little boring hanging with my Dad and Step-Mom all the time so I started exploring at night. I was 30 years old at the time and there was a casino in the gated community so I went to see what I could come up with to entertain myself for the night. 

    Before I left that night my Dad and I had been talking about the golf carts you can rent. In this community there was a road for cars, a sidewalk AND an extra tiny road for golf carts. I had lost my license years before and was excited about the idea of legally driving anything! I'll go for a golf cart! As I was leaving that night I told my Dad I would be driving some ones golf cart home later or the night would be a total fail!

    I went to a wine bar across from the casino where I had my very first Sangria and it was the BEST! It was a fancy little place and the owner was working. He was about my age and good looking. We had started chatting and decided we'd go out once he closed up. I did hint about the golf cart thing but nothing came of it. We went pool hopping and to a few local bars outside of the gated community. We were in his stupid car that I had no idea how to drive. Eventually he dropped me off and (disappointed about golf cart) I went to bed. 

    As Dad and I were having coffee early that next morning he asked how my night was. Told him I had an alright time but was super bummed about no golf cart. That's when my Dad, with a pretty suprised look on his face, said "Jessica! You got dropped off in a yellow lamborghini and you are upset about it not being a golf cart?????"

    Sounds about right!!