This is the story of how I met the singer of Papa Roach (never knew his name) annnnnnnnnd yes I was drunk and embarrassing! LOL 

Here goes...
I was 21 years old and partying like a rockstar! I was drinking a LOT at that time but was still young and 100lbs soakin' wet so the alcohol clearly had a strong effect on me (probably had something to do with the amount I was drinking). This was sometime late August the night before my Niece's second birthday. I had missed her first birthday party because the camping trip to the Sacco River in Maine with some friends ran two days late. My family was soooooo mad about that. I somehow got tickets to see Papa Roach the night before my Niece's birthday party. My Mom and oldest sister were so worried I wouldn't make the party and it meant a lot to my sister especially. I told them not to worry I would make it to birthday party this year. 
The show was in Boston on Lansdown Street where a friend of mine owned all the clubs on that strip. The show was at The Avelon and HedPE was opening for them. I hadn't heard (or remembered hearing) their name before but I love music and was going for the whole show. I went in town that night with my friend Carlito (a white guy who's real name is Carl) so I knew I had a ride home and would make it to the birthday party. 
We got there after HedPE had started the show. I was drinking heavily and don't remember all of this particular night but I hada few very sobering moments. I didn't think I cared at all about them and was just anticipating Papa Roach taking the stage until they began to play a song I knew and loved. The song is called 'Bartender'. This song had just come out and it was all about being reckless. 
After their set the lead vocalist of HedPE, Jarred came out into the crowd. I decided I was going to meet him. I pushed through the crowd and walked up to him. I said hello and asked where I was partying, I told him I didn't know, he said "on my bus" at which point he put his arm around my tattood waist and didn't let go, even signed autographs while holding on. He told me I was going with him to his bus and I did without hesitation. 
I planned on hanging on his bus during break before Papa Roach came on. My friend found some good weed for the band and I continued to drink. I missed the  beginning of Papa Roach's set but didn't really care. After the show I went back to HedPE's tour bus. Jarred kept asking me to come with them on the road. I told him I had to get to my niece's birthday the next morning. He asked where and I told him they were in Rhode Island and he was happy to tell me they would give me a ride since Providence was the next stop. 
I was hanging on their bus when the singer of Papa Roach came to say hello. I was starstruck! I introduced myself and proceeded to embarrass the $hit outa myself. I kept telling him I loved his music "I really love your music man" ... "No, you don't understand, I REALLY love your music". This went on until he clearly was annoyed by the drunk girl and left the bus. 
Off we went to RI that night. We had a blast on that bus and the next morning I was first to show up to my sisters house (in my leather pants and belly shirt which she had me change). Surprised the crap out of my family and didn't miss my niece's Bday :)