This story just popped into my head and honestly I feel bad for myself now. My mistrust in love or humans in general is sad sometimes. 

    It was just after Tommy had moved in to our house and things were going eerily smooth. I was still running the law office so Nick would get off the bus at the office and Tommy would pick him up on his way home around 3:30PM while I finished my workday. On this particular day Tommy had come to get Nick but instead he decided to go to the grocery store for shrimp without Nick (who could still be a handful at times) and pick him up afterwards. He left the office while I was still processing the sudden change in plans. 

    That's when it hit me!!! He was leaving me, he was saying he was going to go get shrimp but he was going to leave and never come back. I was devastated! I called his phone.... a lot.... and when he did not answer that was all I needed to realize I was right and this is just another heartbreak.

    About 20 minutes later he showed up to get Nick with shrimp and explained he left his phone in the car. I had been sobbing outside smoking at the time. Someone sound a bit insecure???????